Getting Into Kubernetes (K8s)

After working with docker day in and out for almost 2 years, it feels like I’ve been missing out on the best parts of the whole container ecosystem. I’ve signed up for a cheap managed K8s offer with free credits to start with. They have a great CLI tool - doctl - which you can use to spin up clusters automatically, generate your kubectl config file including oAuth keys and all that good stuff. [Read More]

Server moved to Netcup

After about 1,5 years on a hetzner dedicated server which I was heavily under-utilizing, I finally decided to move all my family related websites and emails to a Netcup KVM server. This is definitly saving me a buck or two per month and is still more than enough power to run all my services. I also made the move from Apache to nginx which brought some difficulties with getting Nextcloud to run properly. [Read More]

First Post

Welcome to my personal blog. Here I will ramble about cool technologies and everyday life stuff.